Thank you for your interest in the Joomla! Resources Directory (JRD). Below are details of our rules and the procedures to get final approval to be listed in the Joomla Resources Directory. Your application will be kept in pending mode until you complete our basic requirements and agree to a general code of conduct presented in the terms of service.

jrd approval processThe following criteria that applies to ALL submissions to the JRD:

1.  Community Involvement

All submitters must be be actively involved in supporting the Joomla! Community in some manner.  There are many ways to contribute.  The form asks that you confirm that you consider yourself a contributor and to provide information on how we can verify that contribution, such as a link to a listing or a forum User ID.  If this criteria is not currently met, then we coach applicants about how to get involved in the community doing something they enjoy, and then come back and provide details.  As long as you state your intentions at least every 30 days, your application will not be deleted.

Areas of community involvement must be current (within the last year) are considered as follows:

You do not have to be involved in all of these areas - just one is sufficient. Please note that listings can be reviewed and removed based upon future information received.

2.  English Submissions

All submissions must be written in English.  Non-English submissions will be not be approved. (The website you are submitting for inclusion doesn't have to be in English, just your submission to the JRD)  You may follow your English description with the same description in your local language. If we cannot verify the accuracy and completeness of the translation, the listing will not be approved.


3.  Is any Joomla trademark used in your branding and is that use approved?

 We at the Joomla! Resources Directory have a direct interest in maintaining the integrity of the Joomla! brand.  As such, we cannot allow unlicensed uses or infringements of the Joomla! trademarks to be placed in or linked from the Joomla! Resources Directory.


1.  You use the Joomla! name in your business name.
If you have the name Joomla, Joomla!, or confusingly similar variations on Joo, Jom or Joom in either spelling or sound in your primary business name you need to get permission from OSM before we can approve your directory listing. Just a warning as your business grows, having these forms of the word Joomla in your business name can prevent you from getting a trademark registered for your own business. To protect the Joomla trademark, we must watch for and oppose other trademark applications that include variations of our name.

As a general rule here, simply have your site be honest about who is providing services. If it appears that you are trying to pass off as if you are Joomla, actively trying to intercept traffic seeking to reach Joomla, or appearing to be officially endorsed by Joomla, even if you have a disclaimer, you can confuse site visitors and for that reason we will both deny your listing and may refer the matter for further legal action.

2.  Is Joomla in your domain name?
If you have Joomla, Joo, Jom, or Joom in your domain name, you must first obtain approval from OSM prior to developing the site and being allowed to be listed in any of the directories.  The use must have different words or word variations that make it clear your are not Joomla. Use of the Joomla name with a geographic reference or TLD is reserved to Joomla User Groups and Translation Teams.  Some domains registered early in the history of Joomla are grandfathered in this regard, but for domains registered in 2012 and later, your domain name must make you distinctive as a provider and not just be descriptive of your product or service.  For example has nothing to distinguish it from hosting services provided by The Joomla! Project and so it would not be approved.

Go here to get permission to use the our name in your domain name.

3. Is your logo a derivative of the Joomla Logo?
Logo in this case refers to the artistic design used with a name to symbolize a company.  It is more properly called a symbol or a design mark.  

We allow derivative uses of the Joomla logo as another company's logo as long as the design is sufficiently different from the Joomla logo to not cause confusion.  Variations that use the Joomla colors are welcome and not of concern.  These designs do not require a license.

Unmodified versions of our logo being included in a larger logo design where the Joomla logo occupies less than 50% of the design's dimension may also be allowed.  These designs must be approved and licensed before they are published.

Get information about using the Joomla name and logo from this link:

4.  Is the Joomla trademark prominently displayed on your site?  If so, does it meet Conditional Use requirements?

Certain uses of the Joomla logo are automatically licensed as long as requirements in our Conditional Use License are being met. 

Fair Use:
No license is needed if your use consists of "Fair Use" or "Fair Dealing."  For example displaying the Joomla logo in the same manner as the Drupal and WordPress logos to symbolize the software you support is Fair Use / Fair Dealing and no additional requirements apply other than the logo is a faithful copy of OSM approved art.

Conditional Use:
If you use the Joomla! name or logo in a prominent manner, then care must be taken to avoid the appearance of Passing Off as The Joomla! Project or as having been endorsed by Joomla!  In addition, the Joomla-approved disclaimer must appear in the footer of your site on every page that prominently displays a Joomla trademark and/or your JRD badge in both English and your local language.

Conditional use logo art, files and information are located here:

Limited use logos can only be used with prior confirmation and permission from Open Source Matters before publication.

Joomla! should have a "!" and a "TM" or "
®" when used in the site title, header image, slogan, or the first mention of it on the page.
On your web site please be sure to place the "!"  and the superscript (TM/®) after the first instance of the use of the word Joomla on the page (this applies to you also if you use the word Joomla in your site title, header image, or as part of your slogan, etc.)  Also, Joomla! Resources Directory is a trademark of OSM and should be treated as a proper name with capitalization in your site's content.

Anyone who uses any of the trademarked Joomla! logos and/or the Joomla! name as mentioned above must place this disclaimer (as issued by OSM in the approval email) in 8 point clear contrasting colors:

"The Joomla!® name, symbol and related trademarks are used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters, Inc.
*Your business name* is not affiliated with or endorsed by Open Source Matters or The Joomla! Project."

If the above disclaimer is not clearly visible, we will not be able to approve your submission to the JRD.

5. Other Details of our approval process:

If you have questions first read all details listed in our policies we have set in place for everyone associated with the Joomla! Resources Directory.


Beginning March 1st 2009, any Joomla! sites that distribute extensions, modules, and/or plugins either commercially or not commercially must have ALL extensions licensed under the GNU GPL to be accepted in the JRD. If you have a site that co-mingles GPL and non-GPL software licenses on your distributed extensions as they pertain to Joomla, you will be denied.

Important Notes:

  • Being listed in is a privilege. It is not a right.
  • In some cases we call to verify that listings are accurate.
  • Hosting companies have a special provision that they must provide us a working up to date stable link to a Joomla! install to review that your servers are setup correctly. With your final review please submit administration URL and Super Admin and password.  Speed is not a part of the review process.   We want to confirm you have PHP running with user privileges set in an optimal way for security and usablity issues related to dynamic CMS (suPHP, fcgi, PHPSuExec or something equivalent).  You can delete the site after our review.  We will notify when we are done with the site.
  • Once you are approved it does not mean your approved forever, we do retain the right to unpublish your listing at any time, without notice.

Failure to complete these steps in 30 days or less will result in deletion of your application unless you remain in active contact with us.  Once deleted, you will have to login again, resubmit your application and repeat the review process.