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Pulsar Informatique  Agency

Agency Overview


Pulsar Informatique, a Limited Liability Company with capital of € 39,000,  arising at the end of 2005, from a communications agency created in 1997, is a web agency that operates in the following areas:

  • Consultants in communication, visual identity creation.
  • Web application development with CMS Joomla!
  • Training in CMS Joomla!

The company, which has annual average annual turnover of 700 K€, has over a hundred customers, primarily SMEs but also large companies in which our expertise is recognized:

  • Mazarine Library, Sorbonne, CANAL+  , NRJ, Yellow Pages, SNCF, ING Direct Bank Multimedia sites and intranet sites development.
  • Natixis : IT Security Natixis Private Equity (EBIOS risk analysis, drafting of the PSSI)
  • Eiffage, EADS, Vuitton : operated as pilots for the reorganization of HR within these groups

From a technical perspective we have developed an expertise around PHP technologies with tools like Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, Wordpress or Zend Framework. But it is primarily around CMS Joomla! It is with CCK SEBLOD that Pulsar has developed a strong reputation and expertise.

Since 2006 Pulsar Informatiquewhose director is Vice President of the Board of AFUJ (Association of Francophone USERS of Joomla !, info@pulsar-informatique.com) creates sites based on CMS Joomla!. Pulsar Informatique also participates in the  Parisian office of the AFUP (French Association of PHP Users).

The French leader on the tool Joomla! Pulsar along with CMS, develops web tools (intranet, extranet, GED, and internet websites) with the objective of optimizing productivity.

Pulsar Informatique, in concert with its business development in Web 2.0, is also a training center (Training center number 11 95 04407 95). We are on the leading edge of CMS Joomla! training. (http://www.pulsar-informatique.com/formation-joomla) Listing of our terms for our training of individuals or group sessions at our facilities in Paris. (http://www.pulsar-informatique.com/actus-blog/entry/pulsar-presente-le-cms-joomla).

Finally, we regularly hold lectures and workshops for numerous French and international events (JoomlaDay, CMSday, AgoraCMS, AFUP ...).

Our team

The company consists of a team of 12 people consisting of communications specialists, doctors, engineers and technicians:

  • 7 Web Joomla! developers / implementers (PHP, JS, CSS, HTML, AMP ...)
  • 1 computer graphics specialist (Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator ...)
  • 2 project managers, in charge of communication
  • 1 administrator
  • 1 admin for networks and servers (hosting and security of accommodations)

At the head of Pulsar Informatique Cyril Thibout, is an engineer and Ph.D in computer science, specializing in graphical interfaces and computer security and is the vice president of Joomla.fr 

Agency Offerings

Expertise in Joomla! for high-value added websites

Please see our portfolio http://www.pulsar-informatique.com/realisations ) for an overview of our achievements. Our offerings translate into high-value added websites and business web applications beyond simple showcase sites and almost all are developed and coupled with Joomla! +SEBLOD.

We bring additional value to the design of websites and applications.

  • The design (visual identity, logo, graphic design) and user experience (UX) in the logic of recognition.
  • Effective  SEO through on page optimization techniques, on site and off site control encapsulates semantic techniques.
  • Security and site performance by the internal manager hosting your site.
  • A corrective maintenance service, preventive and efficient layout application.

Technological mastery is not everything, the success of your project also involves a mastery of the methodological outcome of agile techniques supported by collaborative tools project tracking.


The sharing of expertise in Joomla! recognized

Pulsar Informatique, a CMS specialist that offers training in Joomla! and some accompaniments for professionalizing your projects on web technologies by sharing with you our expertise in the chain of production for intranet sites including all-around solutions with CCK SEBLOD.

As an official training center (number 11 95 04407 95) these benefits can be taken into account by your training organization fundraiser.

The offer described on http://www.pulsar-informatique.com/formation-joomla includes all topics about CMS for start-up and development centered around CMS.

Highlights of your training in Joomla!

Enjoy the professional expertise of your training in  Joomla!

We not only impart knowledge and an intimate understanding of Joomla! We strive to transfer to you the best practices and methodology we have deployed for years. Preparing for CMS Joomla! means understanding how to translate specifications into concrete realizations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Your training in Joomla! on site or remotely.

We can come to your facilities and we welcome you to ours at your convenience. We also offer training in Joomla! remotely with Skype technology, or other Hangout ... 

Training in Joomla! personalized. 

Because your training needs in Joomla! are necessarily specific, our sessions are always customized to your needs. The training in Joomla! that we provide, even if it it is addressed to a group of the same entity, is prepared as a personalized subject after discussion with you about your needs. Whatever your level of HTML, CSS, JS, PHP or MySQL we tailor your training in Joomla! to be accessible and useful for you.

Training in Joomla! is 80% practice!

We train you in 20% theory but above 80% in practice through concrete exercises that follow and are corrected by your session trainer. The goal is for you to acquire good practices and ensure that they are carried over.

Coffee breaks and lunch are offered.

While you are training in Joomla! we strive that your moments spent in study are pleasant. When you choose to undergo training, our local pastries, coffees and all kinds of beverages common at a noon lunch are offered.

Take your training in Joomla! home with a turnkey examples site.

Throughout your training in Joomla! working on an exercise site that you build as you proceed. After training you walk away with this site in addition to the course materials that contain all the theories and the exercises performed together.

Continue with a project support

Since our training sessions are given by professionals who are confronted to the very same problems as you on a daily basis we are able to propose a project support to help you start your Joomla! project.


Training rooms

For individual sessions

We provide individual and group training all around CMS Joomla! Whichever the case, the sessions are conducted at our premises (30 minutes from Paris for individual sessions) or in our training room in Paris. Our single rooms are connected to the internet with an 8 Mbit/s SDSL line.Our computers are managed through a 1Gbit/s network centralized on a complete computer rack with:
  • 7 virtual servers hosted on two physical servers each one with redundant power supplies, redundant network adapters and RAID5 mounted SAS harddrives
  • A network storage of 6 TB with 6 hard drives mounted in RAID-6
  • A fully automated backup system that saves all the data on a local storage and two distant data centers with a 6 month history
  • A firewall
  • A network filter to prevent computers from being attacked and users from malicious websites
  • A  800 Mbit/s fiber connection coupled with a 8 Mbit/s ADSL


For Group sessions

Our group room in Paris can accommodate up to 15 people. We have video projectors and a 20Mbit/s ADSL line and optical fiber internet connection. 




  • Street: 25 rue du cerf
  • City: Luzarches
  • Postcode: 95270
  • Country: France
  • Languages Spoken: English French


  • Primary Contact: Cyril Thibout
  • Telephone: 33130350506
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.