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  • Website Design and Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Marketing
  • Video Editing
  • Product Photography
  • Video Optimization
  • Web Optimization (Speed *Web Compression)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Joomla Web Customization
  • Complete Custom Web Development


  • Residential Computer Technicians
  • Business Computer Technicians
  • Mac Computer Tech Services
  • Network IT Services
  • Computer / Server Hardware Technicians

20+ Years of Experience as the leaders Computer Tech Services in Southern California. When you need security, and well maintain computer and a stable network for your home or business pcandwebpros is your best solution.


The Rules of the Road – What to know about Website Designing. While there are many technical issues that are consistent with having and maintaining a Website, there is a visual aspect that needs to be addressed as well as a function ability that should be easily maneuvered. There are twists and turns that come up as well as new and improved versions of what was working yesterday.
The Website World grows and learns, it works and never rests, it explores and is explored.
Through all of this – PC and Web Pros works with you, for you in creating an Online presence that will be in the here and now – at all times! Knowing when change is coming – is an inevitable part of our job, and change is always coming. When technology transforms, we all have to adjust – it is knowing how and when that counts. We are always with the authority of the who, what, where, why and how's of the world of Website Designing and we work for you! Having and maintaining a Website and or multiple Websites is undeniably a major part of our present and future – now more than ever – you can benefit by having this category of an Online Presence. From General Information Websites to E-Commerce Websites – PC and Web Pros can bring the best the world has to offer!


Get on your Computer, Phone, Tablet … and now Search for something … What comes up? Hopefully pages of results that correspond with what you Searched for! First, where you are searching is called a Search Engine - like Google. Optimization is getting the core of your Business into that Search Engine. Search Engine Optimization is the key in finding your information fast and effectively on the World Wide Web. In the creation of a Website, a website designer will lock in key information at various points. Keywords and Phrases are used to communicate with these Search Engines so they can be Categorized and Found in as many Searches as possible. Search Engine Protocol is ever changing and an impressive Website Designer will continuously be communicating with these Search Engines, maintaining their work and your Business in the forefront.
This is a constant procedure and notable SEO will take you a long way! Today, we create websites with your data and information and take from that key words. These words help everyone find "You"! This task is usually completed by your Website Designer and can be prepared on an elementary scale to a more intricate level. We will also show you ways to Pay for Search Engine Placement. Search engines offer a variety of Pay Plans that you can work with. This allots for Instant Positioning and Rotating Positioning, and so on. Both prospects are effective and they can work individually or together


A Slow Website will have an unfavorable effect on the number of areas people will get to while on your Website. Mainly, the slower the Website, the greater risk of losing your customer. Many consumers expect a Web Page to load in two seconds or less, most consumers will wait no more than three seconds for a Web Page to load before leaving the site. A high percentage of Online Shoppers stated that quick page loading is important to their Site loyalty. Browsers and Shoppers often become agitated when made to wait for a page to load. I am sure we have all been there. If this problem is ongoing in a single website, one might stop going there all together.
Compression – Compression is a standard practice. If you are not compressing your Website, you could be slowing the rest of us down! The best thing you can do to improve Page-Load speed is to minimize the overall download size by Optimizing and Compressing. Compression allows your Website’s Server to provide smaller File sizes which will load faster for your Users. Taking this into consideration, it is also important to analyze how well your site is functioning by identifying other issues, if any. Implementing and Optimizing the right corrections is essential for a User Friendly Website.


If it is on a screen and moving – we are glued to it! That is kind of why Video Marketing is really outstanding. We love to see things in real time, we would rather watch it happen than to read about it, we like the determination and it is effective. It is a “Call to Action”. Here is another opportunity in The Technical World that lets us Enhance and Optimize a Website. With Meta-Data, and Embedding, Multiple Locations on the World Wide Web to have a Video placed, more eyes and ears can access this platform and your message. Every generation has a love affair with Video. We are in tune with it. We don’t even really have to think about watching it – we absorb it effortlessly. This platform lets us observe and inspect, examine and engage in Your Business. Photo shoots are fun and full of surprises. Video Marketing opens doors and fills minds with wonder and excitement, with knowledge and knowhow, with target and objective. Having the ability to be creative and intimate shows capability and competence. Utilizing Video Marketing in your Website holds significant appeal!


Marco Reyes has been our IT person for the past four plus years. He is dependable, reliable and available to us during both in "off" hours. He can work with our employees and on his own from off-site locations whenever we have need of his assistance. He helped design our websites, worked through revisions of both hardware and software issues and he has been instrumental in keeping our "web presence" in the forefront of the commercial media within our industry. His efforts have been greatly appreciated for the changes and the updates that have occurred with little interruption or surrendering to systemic and systematic "glitches". He has achieved a very high record of keeping our company in the top rankings and in keeping our presence among the premiere status of our industry. Victory GSE Jamey Ekerling www.victorygse.com | Los Angeles, CA 90001

Marco from PC and WEB PROS and his knowledge of marketing strategies are second to none. I was hesitant to spend money on a new website and skeptical about marketing on the web, Marco insisted I do it to put myself in front of new customers and it has turned out to be the best move I've done with my business. The man knows what he's talking about and stays up-to-date with all the new technology. He is very responsive, easy to work with and reasonable. I highly recommend Marco Reyes and PC and WEB PROS Erich Müller All City Hardwood Floors www.allcityhardwoodfloors.construction Culver City, CA

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