Molehill Web Works

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Online solutions & websites that connect business owners with their market, so they can spend more time with their family, friends and doing what they love. A digital marketing agency, Molehill Web Works primary objective to improve the lives of business owners. Guided by 20 years of online marketing experience, we specialise in digital marketing, brand monitoring and social media engagement. Clients enjoy a positive return on investment and online campaigns that consistently generate more visits, leads and customers. With an easy to use integrated marketing suite backed by our teams coaching and guidance, you can effectively run and monitor two-way digital engagement across the web and social media. We help ensure that you have an optimised website design & SEO, content marketing, PPC advertising and Inbound Marketing management and oversight - a guided path to get more money, more efficiently and gain market share. Our expert assistance, advice & resources are one click away to help you succeed. The difference is that we've owned and operated successful e-commerce and brick and mortar businesses. Nothing makes you really deeply understand online business operations and success metrics like operating your own online business in highly competitive markets and beating the big boys!! * We know first hand what works and what is required to be successful online.


  • Street: 5 Cards Lane
  • City: Olind
  • Postcode: 3788
  • State/ Region: Victoria
  • Country: Australia


  • Primary Contact: Max Lynam
  • Telephone: 0458 378 731
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.