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Founded in 2004 by Leo Lammerink, a Dutch national residing in Indonesia and known for his superb support as "leolam" on the Joomla  Forums and active Member of the Joomla CMS Release Team & Joomla Bug Squad, the GWS-Desk Professional Joomla Support & Services (a division of GWS-Global Web Services) has become a household name in the Joomla community. The Professionals of GWS-Desk (a division of GWS-Global Web Services) serve your Joomla website with tailored support packages to suit your needs. We bring a wealth of experience to you and your Joomla operations and can support you in case of Emergencies, Upgrades, regular support requests, Outsourcing your operations, full Joomla site development, maintenance solutions and many many more. Comprised of 14 professionally trained developers, engineers and web designers, the design studio of GWS has thus far designed, built and maintained over 1,525 Joomla driven websites. The GWS-Desk Support and Services Division with 16 highly skilled technical engineers who so far published over 60 Joomla Tutorials have provided help and support for over 32,500 technical cases resolving issues for their clients. Support is available 24/7 in all timezones in the world from our Regional Centers of Excellence and Customer Service Centers in Netherlands, USA, Canada, Singapore, Germany and Indonesia. The GWS-Host division of GWS-Global Web Services provides specialized Joomla hosting services, supported by the world-class yearly subscription based technical support on Joomla!) -installations by GWS-Desk. The recently launched GWS-Webmaster.Services division provide Joomla's Webmaster with dedicated support packages.


  • Street: Bogor Baru Blok D3, no 12
  • City: Bogor
  • Postcode: 16127
  • State/ Region: Java-Barat
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Languages Spoken: Dutch English German


  • Primary Contact: Leo Lammerink
  • Telephone: 62816760327
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.