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The Company GEN was established in 1989 and offered the first dial-up Internet, X25 and X400 available in the UK. The company specialised in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) as well as early messaging and data transfer technologies. 

The GEN Partnership was established in 1992, and has a long and well regarded heritage of which we are very proud. We were there at the start of it all and we're still here today.

  • We were the first Independent Internet Service Provider offering scaleable internet connectivity to large corporate clients in the UK and Europe via X.25, X.400 and private circuits. 
  • We were the first cloud service provider by providing TCP/IP Access to our centrally hosted Novell Netware Servers. 
  • We were the first provider to offer cellular data access to corporate networks via BT Cellnet and Motorola 9000 series car phones. 
  • We were the first UK provider to offer toll free dial-up and digital ISDN internet via Cable Networks based on Hayes Century R/RAS
  • We were the first to offer fixed price point to point over ISDN at 128k for UK businesses. 
  • We were the first to offer multilayer encrypted voice communications between businesses long before VoIP.

From the bleeding edge of encrypted telecommunications, to the very latest in internet based clouds, GEN has it all to offer to potential clients who are looking for a personal collaborative relationship with a technical services provider. Through our support systems our customers have full access to all past incidents and requests. We focus on providing best in class services with a real focus on security and encryption to protect our clients now and into the future. 

Our target audience is not those who are looking for the cheapest self-managed and poorly supported services but instead those who are looking for a more collaborative relationship where they drive the vision and we make it happen,  whatever it takes. Welcome to a technical services provider who will never tell you something is impossible. Welcome to GEN. 


  • Street: Bath Street
  • City: Nottingham
  • Postcode: NG3 1BR
  • State/ Region: Nottinghamshire
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Languages Spoken: English


  • Primary Contact: Richard Taylor
  • Telephone: +441159339000
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.