Careytech Studios, LLC

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Specializing in

  • custom and complex site development
  • client-specific extension development
  • tailoring the CMS workflows to be intuitive, client specific, and team-based

    Focused entirely on Joomla, leveraging its advanced features: ACL (access control), versioning, multi-language, user management, smart search, layout overrides, and code-level development.  We have a deep understanding of Joomla's MVC and its object-oriented architecture.

    Rapid development of client-specific extensions for as-needed features. Integration of third-party systems with the CMS.  

    Tailoring the content management workflows to simplify the process and to enforce a role-based approach to CMS access.  Tailored edit screens truly separate content from layout - leading to intuitive content management while enforcing consistency of web site layouts.

    Software engineer Randy Carey has worked both sides of the table (development as well as Director of Information Strategies).  So we understand content, web strategies, and business models as well as the technology.  We ask questions, listen, plan, and make it all happen.  Past projects have ranged from 1K to 100K USD.


    Please visit for more information.  


    • Street: 5855 Ridge Creek road
    • City: Shoreview
    • Postcode: 55126
    • State/ Region: Minnesota
    • Country: United States
    • Languages Spoken: English


    • Primary Contact: Randy Carey
    • Telephone: 651.315.7801
    • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.