The Joomla Resources Directory (JRD) team has been hard at work and we've got some milestones, announcements and other important pieces of information to share with the entire community. Feel free to register for our newsletter on our homepage to receive frequent JRD updates directly. The JRD is the place to find approved professional service providers quickly so you can get the most out of your Joomla CMS.


Major Milestone: All Applications have been Reviewed!

When we set out to create the new JRD there were over 350 submissions waiting to go through the approval process. We’re happy to share that we have reviewed of all of these submissions! Moving forward, our goal is to process each new submission within a two week period of time.

You should have received an email if your submission was approved or placed into a pending status. If your listing is pending, review the JRD Approval Process to be sure you have met all criteria. One of the most common reasons submissions were not accepted was because it was not clear how the applicant is actively volunteering for the Joomla Project. You can log in to update your submission by including links to your profile, your profile or by adding details about how you volunteer to support the project.

Other reasons applications were not accepted is because the applicant did not have a working website, there were issues with the trademark and/or disclaimer on the applicant’s site or the site had a language issue. Once you resubmit the application, we will be happy to take another look - just make sure to update your support ticket. If an applicant does not respond to their ticket within three months, the ticket will be closed.

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Sunsetting the Archives: Last Call Before Archives are Removed

The new JRD has been live since September of 2014, but you can still access archives from the old JRD. These archives will be available until April 1, 2015. The old JRD is built in Joomla 1.5 and for security and SEO purposes, we are consolidating both directories into one holding. Please apply for a listing in the new JRD soon. This is the last call to submit a new listing before you lose your archive.

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JRD Badges

Another exciting piece of news is that there will be a JRD badge that approved Registered Providers will be able to display on their web property. We’ve been working on a design for this badge that will be ready by April 1, 2015. You’ll be able to place the badge in an article or module on your site certifying that you have an approved listing in the JRD.


We’ve also been working hard on a Portuguese translation for the JRD, which should be ready by April 1, 2015. We all know how important it is to reach as many people as we can in our international Joomla community, and we hope to provide additional translations in the future.

JRD-BOX-350"More Business, More Friends and More Joomla!"

The next generation of Joomla is all about Doing More... The new Joomla Resource Directory (JRD) is “A place to find others with the right expertise to help you Do More with Joomla!”.


For users seeking Joomla expertise

The new JRD has so much more for you, whether you are seeking Joomla help or looking for providers to partner with. The improved directory search makes it faster and easier to find the specific talent and support you need. Search by category, or if you prefer a local provider, there's now the ability to filter the results by location, with a helpful map and results grid below. Plenty of details about each provider are included so you can begin forging quality relationships with dedicated and committed "Registered Joomla Providers".


For Joomla vendors

The new JRD offers more options to show your strengths and be found by the right clients. Registered Provider listings can now be linked in multiple categories and multiple business listings can be managed from the same account.

Registered Providers can chose to use linked profiles, which allows you to associate individual people with your company listing (for example, employees). Once approved as a Registered Provider, there is now a "Connect and Do More" badge you can use on your website to link back to your JRD listing. Using the JRD badge will help promote your business and increase traffic to the JRD, improving its value as a trusted resource for Joomla providers.


For everyone

All Registered Providers listed in the JRD make a commitment to excellence and agree to follow a Code of Ethics, thus giving more confidence to users of the directory. The JRD governance team monitors all new registrations and audits listings. The team reviews new feature requests and ideas for improvement brought forth from the community. The team also helps provider applicants resolve any issues standing in the way of their listing approval, plus outreach to help newcomers find ways to get involved in the Joomla community.

The entire JRD team has been working hard to make this a great resource for everyone. Our goal is to help end users quickly find qualified and reputable vendors that match their support needs, as well as help Joomla-based businesses generate more opportunities. Plain and simple, the more success Joomla users have through partnering with qualified Registered Providers on the JRD, the more Joomla will flourish and grow.

Over the coming year you will see members of the JRD team presenting at JoomlaDay events around the world to share the benefits of the new JRD. We hope you will help us promote this initiative in your social channels and through your encouragement of others to participate. We always want to improve, so we welcome your comments and suggestions on how the JRD can be more useful. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

On behalf of our entire team, we thank you for your participation. We look forward to hearing about your success on any new found relationships built through using the JRD.



The JRD team

The Joomla Resources Directory Team