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We are a creative design and marketing company, specialising in Joomla!  We also are well versed in Email Marketing where we have built over 300 email templates to date.

In case you have not heart of us we have worked with some household names such as Cambridge University, Agatha Christie, and the Imperial War Museum, to name but a few.  

We find new ways to integrate Joomla! with email campaigns, for example, we use RSS campaigns to automate the send process, and ensure when people visit our sites, some of their data is pre-populated, you can see an example here: https://www.joomlalondon.co.uk/registration-form/view/form?MERGE0=spam@spam.com&MERGE1=Eoin&MERGE2=Joomla!

We contribute to the Joomla! project, are heavily involved in a Joomla! User Group, and are well placed to answer your questions. To see some of our portfolio please visit our site https://www.squareballoon.co.uk/design-portfolio.

In terms of what we offer that is different from other companies: As we are marketing orientated, all of our websites are built for speed as well as conversion rates.  Sales are important to any business, so we focus on them.

Some examples of sites we've built with Joomla! are:





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  • Primary Contact: Eoin Oliver
  • Telephone: 02081232554
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  • Eoin Oliver

    Designer, Integrator, Marketer, JUGler, Ask me anything!

    Eoin Oliver Hi, my name is Eoin and I'm a Joomlaholic. How do you say that word? My name is pronounced Owen.  My surname is Oliver.  This means people spend half of my life incorrectly pronouncing my forename, and the other half calling me by my surname.  I'm fine with that. About Me I am an all round enthusiast, which means I am a workaholic.  It makes me who I am, and it makes me good at what I do.  I'm UK based, specifically the London area. About my Work Recently I have been asked by many companies to help out with their email marketing campaigns, including template building, consultancy, strategy, and implementation.  My emails are being sent out to millions over people every year. I'm interested in conversion rates, SEO, speed (websites), design, and integrating new things relating the above.  I keep records, so I know how well my websites perform, and I know what things make websites convert. If that sounds like you need my help, please do not hestitate to contact me via our website.  http://www.squareballoon.co.uk or call +44 208 123 2554