Flighton AB

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Flighton AB helps its customers to get more customers through search engines. We work until our customer rank one of chosen keywords. Then we work to maintain our customers sites in rank 1. Drupal and SEO We building websites in Drupal and optimize this in speed, performance and ofcause user-friendly Our webpageFlighton AB Our SchoolJB Gymnasium Drupal contributions Helped in forums and also contribute on DrupalCon days and helped develop IMCE with testing of plugins etc. Also speaker in some webdays events in Sweden where talk about Drupal and SEO. We have also a school at jbgymnasiet.se where we for free go out to webdevelopment education schools and there we teach out open source and the power of Drupal.


  • Street: Ringvägen 100
  • City: Stockholm
  • Postcode: 11860
  • State/ Region: Stockholms Lan
  • Country: Sweden
  • Languages Spoken: English


  • Primary Contact: Viktor Grahn
  • Telephone: +4686121919
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.