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In the August issue of the Joomla Community Magazine the Joomla Resources Directory (JRD) team announced that we had planned to close this site with plans to implement a new one for the community. As a part of that plan we are following up by putting this announcement to inform site users and visitors to look forward to the new site. Please read the article we published for more information about why we did this and the timeline for what we have in store!

As a result of the plan you'll notice a few changes:

  1. We aren't accepting any new submissions to this site.
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We hope that by turning your attention to the newer, much more functional site,we will be able to make this site the resource in the community that it has always had the potential to become! We hope you are as excited as we are to work on a new beginnings for this community asset.
Thank you for your help and patience.
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Simple Source Solutions exists to help businesses and individuals make the most of their online presence by offering flexible and affordable services that allow businesses to get back to doing what makes their business great. We are your behind the scenes friend that delivers, hosts, and maintains your website with prompt and friendly service. We are your problem solvers when you need expert solutions. We are here to provide services that truly make customers interactions with the web easier than expected and fewer than needed. We are here to make your online experience, well...Simple.

Specializing in Content Management Systems such as Joomla, Simple Simple Source Solutions has been helping customers Get Simple since 2007. We enjoy serving a wide range of customers: from names like Clark Howard, University of Southern California, Nat Geo photographers, to developers needing a hosting partner, mom and pop shops, service companies, design agencies needing a trusted provider, and individuals. Simple Source has what it takes to get you to where you want to be on the web.

Building on experience gained while hosting creations for design customers, Simple Source Solutions began offering hosting services to the general public in 2009 via and has since become a household name Joomla hosting provider.

We would be honored to put our experience to work for you.

What we do

• Web hosting plans starting at $5.95/month
• Free manual Joomla installation service upon request
• Free install of your Joomla site files and database upon request
• Fast and friendly 24/7/365 online support with response times within 30 minutes or less.
• RAID protected Disk Space, Daily Backups, Premium Bandwidth
• No overselling!
• cPanel Control Panel, Linux CentOS
• Business web hosting
• Domain registration
• SSL Certificates
• Website maintenance services
• Custom design and development work
• Template customization


Year Started
Number of Staff
Spoken Languages
Time Zone
UTC -5:00
Payment Methods
Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, Paypal
Accept Custom Work

Contact Information

457 Nathan Dean Blvd, Dallas (Metro Atlanta), GA, USA, 30132
Contact Page


byjdnahas on September 6, 2012
September 5, 2012
First, let me state that I am not associated with Simple Source Solutions. With that said, I can categorically state that they have been the best hosting company I have found.

Currently, I have a Joomla site that I manage for one non-profit and none of us are website builders in the true meaning of the word.

However, that is my point – we created a Joomla platform website as we felt that would offer the greatest flexibility for many of us to work in as opposed to the platform we were using for the aged website design we had.

I called several hosting companies and Simple Source Solutions immediately provided the best information for our determining where we were going to host the site.

I also have three websites for my business interest that I manage by myself, and I will be moving to Simple Source Solutions as I have time to work on the new Joomla layout I have chosen.

I would further add that Simple Source Solutions has provided the best support our organization has had (as opposed to the previous company that hosted the non-profits account), and – they have provided better support than the two website hosting companies that I have for my business sites. Hands down, Todd and his team provide a stellar service.
John Nahas / Last Organic
bykevin34 on November 3, 2011
I switched to Simple Source a few months ago. In the past I have used Hostmonster and then most recently Justhost. My god Justhost was ridiculous. First off, it is so nice now to know what I am getting. The sites offering unlimited anything are garbage, I have researched the issue and know for a fact all of the hosts claiming unlimited are simply lying. I'm not going into everything I like about Simple Source simply because everything is exactly what I wanted. If you want a host that does what they are supposed to, trust these guys. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Simple Source, I now know I will never need to look for another hosting company.

I host 3 websites with Simple Source. They are amazing! Every time I have had a problem they have been a fantastic resource in sorting it out. They have helped me edit my .htaccess to get the different sites working among other problems. They are always quick to respond and they work hard to find the answer.

I recommend Simple Source to anyone. They have been fantastic.

Mike Black, Denver, Co
bybatsa-ma on August 5, 2011
I just transferred my site from an incompetent host/developer to Simple Source Solutions. Man am I glad I found them. Simply a breath of fresh air to deal with someone knowledgable, capable, willing, and professional! In 3 days I went through 3 different hosts. The first host messed up our corporate email and couldn't/wouldn't fix it even when I told him what needed fixed. I eventually figured it out myself. Needless to say, I got a refund and continued my search. Next I went to a big name webhost and they offerend zero support in the setup. I've never transferred a website and didn't want to screw it up and they refused to even walk me through it. Refund number two! Then I emailed Todd at and got a very detailed reply with what services he'd offer, at what rates, how he'd handle our website issues, etc. That was above and beyond the service I got from the other guys that already had my money! So, I signed up that moment. I gave them my cPanel login to my other site and got an email minutes later that the site was transferred. That easy, that quickly! But I noticed our site wasn't correctly working (no menus and error text displayed). I submitted another ticket with my Joomla login. Moments later I got an email informing me they've troubleshooted, fixed the problem, and updated everything to the current version. Again, above and beyond the level of service I've ever had with a number of hosts. Keep up the great work! To those reading this review, especially those looking for a host whom actually listens to and addresses problems promptly and correctly, don't waste you time searching elsewhere! Thanks again for a hassle-free transfer.
Just joined SS after sampling a couple familiar brands and glad I did. The site is up and running. Provided excellent service and educated a beginner. Prompt response to tickets.
What I liked most was that I didn't have to start a new conversation each time, the transition flowed. Unlike some other host that seem annoyed that you don't know what you don't know; they were understanding and very patient. It's like when you find a mechanic you feel trust and feel comfortable with. HIGHLY recommended.
Far and away the best customer service support I have ever encountered. They are there with the detailed answer every time, and great advice that really helps. Response time is unbeatable! I heartily recommend Simple Source Solutions for your web hosting needs. The per-month hosting cost is at or below the norm, but nobody--nobody can touch them on customer service support.
We started working on our new/current site ( in fall of 09 and went live with it on 04/16/10. The site was built with Joomla! and although the two technical guys on our team did not have any prior experience with Joomla! the process went smoothly, partially due to our host: Simple Source Solutions.

Our previous site was built with PHP, and hosted on godaddy. Given some of the usage patterns/plans that we had for our new site, we had set the following simple requirements for selecting our new host:
• Server Operating System Linux preference
• Assistance in migrating from local host (development environment in Windows XP) to new hosting
• Adequate Back up and restore procedures
• High availability
• Allow OpenLDAP
• Allow Perl
• Provide FTP/SFTP
• Provide SSH/Telnet access
• Provide Joomla! installation as well as support
• Keep email addresses with previous host

We looked into several hosts and ended up with Simple Source Solutions by getting a Virtual Private Server Running CentOS with the following Specs for $80/mo: 50GB Disk Space / 800GB Bandwidth /512MB RAM / 4 Dedicated IP's / cPanel/WHM.

Few things that stood out about their sales department:
• The not-so-aggressive approach at the time of discussing their plans and services: this allowed us to go over our requirements rather than to hear about features/services that we were never going to need/use.
• Unlike most sales departments the sales person was very knowledgeable technically about the services that their company was providing. Not only this assures that the sales person knows what he is talking about but it also minimizes the back and forth, since you’re getting your technical answers right there and then.

Now that it’s been over a year that we’ve been with Simple Source Solutions, I could honestly say that we haven’t regretted our decision. Few of the things that comes to mind:
• Awesome support: high availability, great communication and superb knowledge of Joomla!
• Todd and James from their technical team have always answered our questions even though sometimes our questions (or requests for recommendations) have been beyond what a hosting company would provide to their customers.
• Great walk-through support at the time of moving our site from development (windows XP) to production.
• cPanel/WHM support.
• Although OpenLDAP was not one of the items that they provide support for, on several times they have worked with us to troubleshoot difficulties that we’ve experienced with the LDAP server.

Based on our experience, I would strongly recommend Simple Source Solutions for hosting your Joomla! site.
bylmbeginner on February 22, 2011
I am completely new to web hosting and to Joomla and am developing a site for my Homeowner association. I reviewed the various providers and liked the good reviews I saw about Simple Source Solutions.

Before choosing Simple Source Solutions, I liked the fact that they do not try to lock you into a long term contract with some big promotions. They charge a competitive fee based on your planned usage and you can adjust the usage as you go. From the beginning, Simple Source Solutions has been very helpful when I was uploading my site or experiencing issues. They always tried to understand my problem rather than giving me a pre-packaged solution which may not answer my question.

I highly recommend them based on my early experience!
bydbb1970 on February 9, 2011
Hands down the best host (Joomla, Wordpress, whatever) out there. The staff at GetSimple are absolutely incredible! I currently host 5 sites with them and wouldn't even consider switching! Simply put, they do exactly what they say they will, provide secure, fast, and always on hosting. I have submitted my share of Newbie issues, and some more complex problems and never waited longer than 30 minutes for a valid, accurate, and complete solution. All that for less than 6 bucks a month... GetSimple simply can't be beat! Thank You to everyone at GetSimple for their constant under promise and over deliver methodology! DBB
I am very pleased with the service and support that SSS provides. I could go on and on about the reasons why... but I will cut to the chase. These guys are smart, respectful and go beyond the call of service to make sure you get the help you need. Simple Source Solutions is SIMPLY the best!
byChurchmouse3 on June 24, 2010
After two disappointing developers, one non-supportive host, then way too many months with GoDaddy, we found Simple Source Solutions. Now our site works, quickly, with none of the crashes, slowdowns, internal server errors and interminable "List-O-Excuses" script that GD gives their "support" people. Thanks Todd and James, for not being GoDaddy! We here at feel like we're home now.
I needed to move my client's site and decided to go with a specialized Joomla hosting company. I picked Simple Source Solutions based on the feedback comments and have not been disappointed. I tried to phone them with a couple of questions before i signed up - that didn't work so well but the response to my email was prompt. They set me up so I could get to the site and thoroughly test it before I changed the name servers. I had a problem with uploading about 5G of mp3 files but all it took was an email saying I was having problems. They changed a few settings on their server and I was successful in getting everything ported.

I have been live for about a month and am very pleased. The site is faster than under my old host (which was on a dedicated server, besides) and things are going well.

The only caveat is that their support seems to be primarily by email - phone is office hours only.

Check us out at!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the great review Gretch! We really appreciate your business.

I would like to clarify our support though. Our support ticketing system is the quickest way to get your issue resolved. Our 800 number primarily exists to resolve billing issues or for support when you are unable to access our online support ticketing system. For normal support needs, we offer 24/7 online support through our ticketing system on a first come, first serve basis. This allows our support techs to view your entire support history when diagnosing and solving problems–sparing you the inconvenience and frustration of explaining the issue over and over again.

We understand that some questions, such as those concerning our website design services or quotes delivered to you are certainly better addressed through a personal phone conversation. If you reach our voicemail, we are busy assisting other customers, so please do leave a message noting your hosting account information and the issue(s) you are experiencing. We will respond promptly via our support ticket system or with a callback if the issue cannot be resolved through our support system.

If you have further questions about our phone support, simply drop us a ticket. We'd love to hear from you.

Thanks again for the review!

bymthendri on February 17, 2010
Excellent and prompt support. I recommend them 100%, they helped me resolve several "Newbie" mistakes I made on my Joomla site. A+ all the way.
byjacen0000 on February 3, 2010
I would just like to say my experience with Simple Source Solutions is awesome. I liked how quick they are to respond to support tickets and how knowledgable they are. I had nothing but questions when I started and they had nothing but answers for me! The best host I've found!
byjonbrubaker on December 9, 2009
OH, and if you want to see my site please checkit out and refer to friends:
byjonbrubaker on December 9, 2009
I just wanted to give a big shoutout to the good people at Simple Source Solutions. I went into this whole making a website thing with little or no experience, so each step was a huge learning curve. By the time I was ready to host my site I chose Simple Source after doing some research, and I have never made a better decision. They are extremely knowledgeable, but more importantly extremely nice and prompt responders at any time of day or night...even on Thanksgiving Eve is was hammering through some problems with them!

Simply great, I would recommend to any novice who needs to have their hand held through the process, so to speak.
After years of doing various things with GoDaddy, I finally decided I couldn't take any more. (The final straw was a mysterious performance issue with a hosted account. I just couldn't face the inevitable series of calls through the phone tree and being handed off from one clueless rep to another.)

So... I took a gamble on this outfit, primarily because of the Joomla focus (which I valued at that point) and because they seemed small and approachable.

Everything has gone more-or-less smoothly, but I have encountered the usual minor glitches as I got my Joomla site up-and-running. So... I've had to contact their support a handful of times, and their response has been consistently fantastic: fast, helpful, friendly, often responding well into the night, etc.

I can't believe I put up with the big providers (i.e., GoDaddy) for so long. It feels just great to be dealing with a small, friendly group that really seems to care about their customers. And especially amazing since I'm getting that level of support for a mere $6 a month or so. Wow!

Highly recommended.
byn6rej on October 20, 2009
Tod is a fantastic owner / rep for Simple Source. I moved from hostmonster to this host and expected a few problems especially after trying to get siteground to host my same site. While we had a few problems with getting the site to work smoothly it was solved in reasonable time with a great deal of support quickly handled by Tod even on a Sunday & Holiday. My sites are fairly customized Joomla sites and I often do things that the average user would not do. Like custom php, flash, jumi usage, etc. Yet all this works very well. I'd like to see a bit bigger default filespace ( 2G is the current default ) but extra space can be purchased pretty reasonably so that's really not an issue. The server load is very light, and site response times are very quick. I'd definitely give this host a 9/10 rating the only real deduction for a few default limits that could be slightly higher.
His knowledge of how Joomla works with other languages like java, php, flash seems high which makes special integration much easier. Kudo's to Tod and his team.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the great review.

I would like to make a point of clarification. Our default disk space for our "Simple Hosting Plan" is 2GB, but considering the base price is currently only $5.95 and that you can add additional space for $0.50/month per GB very easily from your online account at , you're still getting more for your dollar than with most any other host I have come across . . . especially those falsely claiming "unlimited" this or that (which isn't possible and is false advertising). As always, you do get what you pay for.

Plus, with Simple Source, you're getting a host that actually uses Joomla! on a daily basis, knows it very well, builds Joomla sites, and supports Joomla! unlike some of the big hosts that you've had bad experiences with and mentioned above.

Thanks again for the feedback.


byTravdude on October 15, 2009
Simple Source has good customer service and answers questions quickly. There are many options on their control panel and you can do most anything without calling someone. Their prices are very reasonable.
Simple Source Solutions tiene un excelente servicio y atención a clientes, su tiempo de respuesta es rápido, la información y soporte técnico no te dejarán colgado, lo recomiendo ampliamente. La instalación de Joomla se efectua sin problemas y en menos de 10 minutos, con todo trabajando muy bien.

Tuve problemas con otros proveedores con error de inicio de sesión, error en el Media Manager y error en el Editor TinyMCE y no se comprometen a reparar o arreglar, te engañan y cobran por adelantado sin solucionarte las fallas, en soporte técnico de Site Ground me contestaron que si no publicaba mis articulos sin el editor TinyMCE, o sea directamente en HTML, de plano no los volviera a contactar, así que no te arriesgues y contrata directamente en Simple Source Solutions porque te lo recomiendo.
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