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UPDATE: 3/21/2014: Hey folks, we pushed the beta site live but it cost us a little trouble with our SEO and we want to make sure we retain the value of what was built in the past.

We do have a brand new JRD located at Please join us as we update this collection of new "Registered Providers," and prepare for a full public launch in early April 2014.

Click on the link above or the "Connect and Do More" image to use the NEW Joomla Resources Directory or the "Get Listed" button to enter your listing submission for the new site.

JRD-Get-ListedThank you for your patience.


The JRD Team.


In the August issue of the Joomla Community Magazine the Joomla Resources Directory (JRD) team announced that we had planned to close this site with plans to implement a new one for the community. As a part of that plan we are following up by putting this announcement to inform site users and visitors to look forward to the new site. Please read the article we published for more information about why we did this and the timeline for what we have in store!

As a result of the plan you'll notice a few changes:

  1. We aren't accepting any new submissions to this site.
  2. We aren't going to approve / moderate any existing listings.
  3. We are going to be archiving this site for the time being until a date to be determined in the future. The site will remain mostly static, unless you wish to completely remove your listing.
  4. NO listing in this archive site will be migrated to the new site. New registration is required. Click links above to get your new listings in the queue for approval.
  5. Note to users searching for providers; Many of the listings in this archive are outdated. For the most current listings of Joomla Registered Providers, please use the new site listed above.
We hope that by turning your attention to the newer, much more functional site,we will be able to make this site the resource in the community that it has always had the potential to become! We hope you are as excited as we are to work on a new beginnings for this community asset.
Thank you for your help and patience.
-JRD Team


JM-EXperts is recognized as Expert Joomla Development Company. We at JM-EXperts are driven by logic, provide software consultancy, website development and IT services to clients located around the globe. We are an New York based Development Company.

We believe in providing world-class service broken-up in stages like conceptualizing, consultancy, design and development. We have a pool of exceedingly skilled and talented professionals, who use Global Delivery Model to quicken the development process yet keeping the cost down. We excel and produce by implementing innovative methods of converging business and technology.

Joomla CMS can be used to easily manage every aspect of your website, from adding content and images to updating a product catalog or taking online reservations.

» Corporate websites or portals
» Online commerce
» Non-profit and organizational websites
» Government applications
» Corporate intranets and extranets

» School and church websites
» Personal or family homepages
» Community-based portals
» Magazines and newspapers
» the possibilities are limitless.......

What we do

JmExperts provides custom Joomla! extensions, custom Joomla! template design, web application development, website design, and small business website hosting. For the past 5 years, we have provided our clients with websites that generate business and simplify day-to-day operations.


Year Started
Number of Staff
Spoken Languages
Time Zone
UTC -5:00
Payment Methods
Credits Cards, Paypal, Wire Transfer
Accept Custom Work

Contact Information

420 Lexington Avenue, 2450, New York, NY, USA, 10017
Phone Number
Contact Page


We had two issues with our site. Could not find the problem and had to shut it down temporarily to get it fixed. Fortunately we found JM-Experts and they quickly got in, found the problem, and had us back up in running in less than an hour! Because they did such a great job we went back to them to fix our other problem (a corrupted database structure due to six years of running and three migrations). They completely rebuilt the menu and category structure, reassigning all the modules as well (we have over 10,000 members and 3,000+ articles) and got our database finally "normalized" again. We couldn't be happier and HIGHLY recommend this company!
byjgreen86 on June 19, 2012
We had the JM-Experts! team work on our site for a couple of months now. We use them on call basis and they work great... it's really been amazing working with them so far.

Thanks once again guys for getting all the things together for us so far.
byboonies on April 2, 2012
We moved a virtuemart/Joomla site from a test server to live server and needed immediate support as the shipping cart was not working and processing any orders. I got on live chat with a live suppot rep. on site he made site was back working in a few minutes. Thanks for the great job again and I am planning to use you guys for future projects.
bymeshsg on September 9, 2011
I spent the whole night trying to figure out how to increase the width and length of my site's logo, finally i gave up thinking that JM would snub me since it's a free template.. but surprisingly I was greeted and entertained professionally and within a 10 minutes I managed to get the logo fixed properly. Thanks Mr Kevin Smith for your help.. now i can proceed with doing other stuff for the site... (I recommend their service 100%)
byjefbarker on April 27, 2011
I like the fact that Jm-Experts are open during Pacific Coast hours 9 - 9 EST 6-6 PST. And they are there to help you with installation and configuration problems. Thank you!
byiJack on March 29, 2011
JM Experts have given me help with a template problem without hesitation. I used the Live Chat on their site and Kevin Smith was there immediately to assist. Think he should just change the avatar in the live chat because currently it is a profile of a girl.
I have needed help from Jm-Experts and they always responded to me promptly and got the job done, they even went further to surpass my expectations. They are geniuses. Thank you so much for all your help, I am very pleased with your services.
byflotten on February 9, 2011
I was having problems with mod_login so I decided to download JM-expert's free mod_login/register. I still had the same problems and without hesitation I was helped. . .even though this was a free module. JM-experts went above and beyond any service I ever expected and I will be sure to call them in the future. Thank you.
byradeknati on January 26, 2011
I wrote yeasterday to Kevin Smith via Live Chat, because I wanted to change the colour of the template from pink to blue. He said, there is no problem, and within two hours I had package with template with colour I've chosen. They are great, Thank you Kevin.
byrakelbara on January 21, 2011
I downloaded a FREE joomla 1.6 template from their site (a lot of cool templates to choose from!) and being a novice I had a problem getting the menu's to display as I wanted. So when I noticed a tab on their site for "Live Chat" I thought I'd give it a shot. I didn't think they'd support free templates but I was wrong!! I talked to Kevin Smith who is THE expert ;-) and he fixed my problem in 10 minutes! Excellent service - if I had any money I'd pay them lol!! They're definetly worth the money!!! Thanks again Kevin!
After pounding my head against the wall for several hours I broke down and contacted JM Experts via chat and got a fellow by the name of Kevin Smith whom was very helppful and did everthing possible to resolve my issue.
Thank You Kevin for all of your help.
bytahomi on January 4, 2011
JM-Experts in my opinion, offers the highest quality components and templates for Joomla in the network.
I'm very glad I found this site helped me very much.

Additionally, in case of any problem at the disposal are very friendly consultants who will help in every problem.

I highly recommend this site, it is best at what I found.

Miracle. on December 27, 2010
Brilliant guys , helped me every step of the way via live chat . EXPERTS in joomla

10/10 many thanks
byanthony.grenne on December 16, 2010
I am so happy after joining the Monthly Maintenance Program. You guys are really fast. Thanks a bunch.

byjosh-cooper2010 on December 15, 2010
thanks so much Chetan for helping me out.

Simply Amazing Team!
Well - i can say. i can't find anyone else that good in NYC. At-least someone i can rely on.

thanks so much guys!
bytaliben on November 29, 2010
Thanks for making the Migration of our website so fast and easy. I will for sure call you guys in future.

byc.courtney57 on November 24, 2010
Well -

all i can say is thank you so much Josh for getting the things done so fast and making the whole of it easier for me.

i would recommend JM-Experts to anyone and of course i will keep sending you more customers in :) on October 6, 2009
It's been 6 months i am using these guys for mantaining our website and at starting there were few problems but now it's killing solution for all of staff.

These guys are like rats... which get into everything very quickly and get the things done.

our whole staff love these guys.

Thanks specially to Josh, Chetan & Lucie.
bytezee2004 on September 29, 2009
JM-Experts are real experts. I love their design, programing and EXCELLENT customer support. HIGHLY recommended for any Joomla designing, programming or update. Thank you very much guys for a nice work.
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