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UPDATE: 3/21/2014: Hey folks, we pushed the beta site live but it cost us a little trouble with our SEO and we want to make sure we retain the value of what was built in the past.

We do have a brand new JRD located at Please join us as we update this collection of new "Registered Providers," and prepare for a full public launch in early April 2014.

Click on the link above or the "Connect and Do More" image to use the NEW Joomla Resources Directory or the "Get Listed" button to enter your listing submission for the new site.

JRD-Get-ListedThank you for your patience.


The JRD Team.


In the August issue of the Joomla Community Magazine the Joomla Resources Directory (JRD) team announced that we had planned to close this site with plans to implement a new one for the community. As a part of that plan we are following up by putting this announcement to inform site users and visitors to look forward to the new site. Please read the article we published for more information about why we did this and the timeline for what we have in store!

As a result of the plan you'll notice a few changes:

  1. We aren't accepting any new submissions to this site.
  2. We aren't going to approve / moderate any existing listings.
  3. We are going to be archiving this site for the time being until a date to be determined in the future. The site will remain mostly static, unless you wish to completely remove your listing.
  4. NO listing in this archive site will be migrated to the new site. New registration is required. Click links above to get your new listings in the queue for approval.
  5. Note to users searching for providers; Many of the listings in this archive are outdated. For the most current listings of Joomla Registered Providers, please use the new site listed above.
We hope that by turning your attention to the newer, much more functional site,we will be able to make this site the resource in the community that it has always had the potential to become! We hope you are as excited as we are to work on a new beginnings for this community asset.
Thank you for your help and patience.
-JRD Team


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