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A New Resources Directory

UPDATE: 3/21/2014: Hey folks, we pushed the beta site live but it cost us a little trouble with our SEO and we want to make sure we retain the value of what was built in the past.

We do have a brand new JRD located at Please join us as we update this collection of new "Registered Providers," and prepare for a full public launch in early April 2014.

Click on the link above or the "Connect and Do More" image to use the NEW Joomla Resources Directory or the "Get Listed" button to enter your listing submission for the new site.

JRD-Get-ListedThank you for your patience.


The JRD Team.


In the August issue of the Joomla Community Magazine the Joomla Resources Directory (JRD) team announced that we had planned to close this site with plans to implement a new one for the community. As a part of that plan we are following up by putting this announcement to inform site users and visitors to look forward to the new site. Please read the article we published for more information about why we did this and the timeline for what we have in store!

As a result of the plan you'll notice a few changes:

  1. We aren't accepting any new submissions to this site.
  2. We aren't going to approve / moderate any existing listings.
  3. We are going to be archiving this site for the time being until a date to be determined in the future. The site will remain mostly static, unless you wish to completely remove your listing.
  4. NO listing in this archive site will be migrated to the new site. New registration is required. Click links above to get your new listings in the queue for approval.
  5. Note to users searching for providers; Many of the listings in this archive are outdated. For the most current listings of Joomla Registered Providers, please use the new site listed above.
We hope that by turning your attention to the newer, much more functional site,we will be able to make this site the resource in the community that it has always had the potential to become! We hope you are as excited as we are to work on a new beginnings for this community asset.
Thank you for your help and patience.
-JRD Team


JRD Approval Checklist

Thank you for your interest in the Joomla! Resources Directory (JRD).   Below are details of our rules and the procedures to get final approval to be listed in the Joomla Resources Directory.   Your application will be kept in pending mode until you complete our basic requirements.    

If you are using the Joomla! name or any of the Joomla! logos, images or site content you must comply with the following for approval of their use:


We at the Joomla Resources Directory have a direct interest in maintaining the integrity of the Joomla brand. As such, we cannot allow violations of the Joomla trademark, logo, brand etc. to be placed in or linked from the Joomla Resources Directory.

1.  You used the Joomla! name or logo in your business name.
If you have the name Joomla, Joomla!, (or obvious derivatives of the word Joomla) and/or our logo next to your logo or primary business name.  You need to get permission from us before we can approve your site to linked as a resource.  General rule here should be--keep away from trying to make people think you have some direct affiliation with Joomla!.

Go to this link to request special permission.

2.  Is anything related to Joomla! in your domain name?
If you have Joomla, Joom, Jom, anything even close in or around your business name, logo domain name, or anything questionable to our trade mark.  You must first get special usage you to get approval from us to be allowed to be listed any any of our directories.  We reserve the right to refuse to include you as a resource. 

Go here to get permission to use the our Trade Marked name.

3. You must get approval to use the Joomla Logo on your site.

Get information about using the Joomla name and logo from this link:

Conditional use logos and information are located here:
You can use conditional use logos immediately after you register for use at Open Source Matters.

Limited use logos and information is located here, as well as the brand manual which details the rules for limited use logos:
Limited use logos can only be used with prior confirmation and permission from Open Source Matters.

4. Joomla! should have a "!" and a "TM" or "®" when used in the site title, header image, or slogan or the first mention of it on the page.
On your web site please be sure to place the "!"  and the superscript (TM/®) after the first instance of the use of the word Joomla on the page (this applies to you also if you use the word Joomla in your site title, header image, or as part of your slogan, etc.).  
Anyone who uses any of the trademarked Joomla! logos and/or the Joomla! name as mentioned above must place this disclaimer (as issued by OSM in the approval email) in 8 point clear contrasting colors:

"The Joomla!® name is used under a limited license from Open Source Matters in the United States and other countries. *Your business name* is not affiliated with or endorsed by Open Source Matters or the Joomla! Project."
If the above disclaimer is not clearly visible, we will not be able to approve your submission to the JRD.

The following includes general criteria that applies to ALL submissions to the JRD:

5.  Community Involvement
All submitters must be be actively involved in freely supporting the Joomla! Community.  There are many ways to contribute.  Direct areas of community involvement that are currently considered for review are as follows:

  • Active free support on the Joomla! Forums
  • Active free support on Joomla-related International Forums
  • The Joomla! Community Magazine
  • Joomla! Day Attendance
  • Joomla! Day Sponsorship
  • Contributing Documentation
  • Extension Development
  • Active Beta Testing and Bug Squashing
  • Member of a Community Working Group or Production Working Group
  • Active member of a Joomla-related Google Group
  • Involved in other official areas of the project that are not listed here

You do not have to be involved in all of these areas.

How the new inclusive areas are calculated

A generic point system is now in place that is a general guideline to determine your level of involvement in official areas of the project.  If, for example, you are not actively involved in the Forums, but are actively involved in the Magazine and have developed some extensions - that would count for active community involvement.  There are no set "5 points for this or 10 points for that", instead it is a Yes or No answer for the team.  "Are they involved in this area:  Yes"

6.  English Only Submissions
All submissions must be written in English.  Non-English submissions will be not be approved. (The website you are submitting for inclusion doesn't have to be in English, just your submission to the JRD)

7. If you don't understand why we ask you to do all this please read in detail the links provided.
We are not in the business of explaining why you need to follow the rules. If you have deep questions first read all details listed in our policies we have set in place for everyone associated with the Joomla resources directory.

8.  GNU GPL Only
Beginning March 1st 2009, any Joomla! sites that distribute extensions, modules, and/or plugins either commercially or not commercially must have ALL extensions licensed under the GNU GPL to be accepted in the JRD.   If you have a site that co-mingles GPL and non-GPL software licenses on your distributed extensions as they pertain to Joomla you will be denied.

Other Details of our approval process

*Being listed in is a privilege it is not a right.

*In some cases we call to verify that listings are accurate.

*Hosting companies have a special provision that they must provide us a working up to date stable link to a Joomla! install to review that your servers are setup correctly. With your final review please submit administration URL and Super Admin and password.  Speed is not a part of the review process.   We want to confirm you have PHP running with user privileges set in an optimal way for security and usablity issues related to dynamic CMS (suPHP, fcgi, PHPSuExec or something equivalent).  You can delete the site after our review.  We will notify when we are done with the site.

*Once you are approved it does not mean your approved forever, we do retain the right to un-publish your listing at any time, without notice.

Failure to complete these steps in 30 days or less will result in a rejection and you will have to login again and submit your application for approval along with with your final review.

Last updated 6/18/2010 - 06:26PM (GMT -6)